• 17/07/2008

    ANCCE organized a conformation clinic in Los Angeles and San Francisco (California) and the presentation of PRE Horses

    The event, organized by ANCCE—the National PRE Horse Breeders’ Association of Spain as part of its 2008 promotional plan, was attended by some thirty prestigious breeders in the US.  Their single objective was to analyze the conformation of their horses in depth, and improve the presentation in hand and at functionality tests, but without overlooking the need for prior preparation and esthetics in the presentation of stallions and mares, as well as the care of manes, trimming, etc.

    Ignacio Bravo, judge and presenter, was in charge of the classes given at the conformation and PRE Horse presentation clinic on the 12th and 13th of July in the cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco in California.

    PRE horses are “in” in the US, and there is a great desire on behalf of local breeders and enthusiasts to have information about the breed and learn more about everything involved.   

    This clinic was a success, just as were others organized by ANCCE about the PRE Horse in various other countries through this year.  We hope that those yet to be held will enjoy similar success and results.

    ANCCE backs clinics as part of the promotional plan as a necessary means to deepen into the knowledge of the PRE horse, as they provide owners and breeders the world over with the possibility of leaning more about the breed and enjoying horses at the maximum levels.   Proposals have been received on specific topics to be covered at the clinics at international level.  

    The participants of the Los Angeles clinic can put their recently acquired knowledge to work during the celebration of the competition “2008 Feria del Caballo Spanol Pre” in the USA, held in California from the 8th to the 10th of August.  

  • Source — ANCCE — 17/07/2008