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Introduction to the PRE Breeding Program

ANCCE is responsible for developing the Purebred Spanish Horse Breeding Program, once approved by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food in 2004, [PRE Breeding Program] under the Technical Management of the MERAGEM Research Group. The main objective of this program is to improve the morphology, conformation and functionality of PRE horses.

To meet this objective, a series of performance tests are carried out, and horses are genetically assessed for each of the aptitudes contemplated in the Breeding Program: Dressage and Conformation for Dressage.   Annually, the MERAGEM Group sends the PRE Breeders’ Association the genetic assessment results and indicates those horses that have earned any of the genetic categories (Young Recommended, Improve or Elite Breeding Stock).  

This information is published in a variety of PRE Breeder Association publication, such as the Breeding Stock Catalog, to disseminate the genetic qualities of these horses for PRE breeders, technicians and enthusiasts in an effort to attain maximum coverage and improve PRE herds while at the same time maximize genetic progress as quickly as possible. These activities fall within the scope of the Breeding Program Dissemination Program.